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The world’s only app that brings the magic of stories in all formats – Read, listen, view and perform!


Looking for ways to engage your child? Worried about too many mindless videos? Crea-play engages your child through the world of stories. Be it through activities that will allow them to create stories, read them out loud, improv, playwriting or consuming our own stories in various formats like video books, audio books and read along.

Built by years of research from professional theatre artistes from around the world, we aim to improve the cognitive, social, language and physical attributes of your child by a community driven story based platform.

Join 1000’s of kids from around the world to participate and be part of the magic.

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Such natural humour built atop the interesting stories
he has been laughing away to glory

– Ganga Sridhar

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From the house of Crea

Started in the year 2012, we operate in a wide range of communities, such as schools, activity centres and colleges, with the aim to shape the future of our young learners through critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, all facilitated through art.

Our team of expert academicians and seasoned artists have worked to create a one of a kind art education pedagogy that transforms the young minds of today into the empowered creators of tomorrow. Through stories and activities, that Engage, Entertain and Empower.

Pioneers of the story-based learning experience, our pedagogy looks to boost the cognitive, language, social and physical growth of your child.

Join us on this journey. Let your child grow with stories.

Give your child the gift of stories

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